Our menu is constantly evolving, so check back often for the most current flavors!

Our cupcakes are divided into two categories:

– We happily and regularly bake custom orders, but please, provide 24-48 hours notice. –

YES, We do mini-cupcakes!

We do, however, have a minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor and currently minis will be available by special order only.

PREMIUM FLAVORS – Updated Seasonally

peanut-butter overdrive a new favorite! peanut butter cake with an ENTIRE Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup inside. Topped with silky peanut butter mousse and dipped in rich, velvety chocolate ganache

champagne light champagne cake with a hint of grapefruit essence, frosted with our champagne buttercream and dressed for the occasion in sparkles and pearls

tiramisu requested so often we put it on the menu! White cake soaked with an intense blend of espresso, amaretto and chocolate liqueur, filled with a delicious mascarpone cheese filling and topped with Kahlua-kissed whipped cream, then dusted liberally with cocoa

cherry vanilla cherry vanilla cake topped with vanilla almond frosting and a gorgeous Maraschino cherry. Simply delightful.

black forest so many layers of goodness... rich chocolate cake with a cherry cheesecake filling, topped with fresh whipped cream and topped with a cherry. Truly amazing

crème brûlée real, fresh, house-made crème brûlée spooned into a cupcake bowl, crowned with caramelized sugar, just the way you like it

pumpkin cheesecake yummy pumpkin spice cake filled wtih cheesecake, topped with cream cheese frosting. This is one of our most popular seasonal flavors!

irish trifecta for the hip over-21 crowd! Our chocolate stout ale cake filled with Irish whiskey ganache and topped with ridiculously good Irish cream frosting.

turtle cheesecake inspired by our black forest and chocolate sea-salted caramel! awesome chocolate cake filled wtih cheesecake, topped with rich chocolate ganache, fresh, house-made caramel and toasted pecans

apple crisp an experiment gone terribly RIGHT! Light cider cake, chunks of fresh apples bathed in cinnamon and topped with crunchy crisp topping. Add our soon-to-be-famous cream cheese frosting and it’s almost too good. And don’t tell anyone, but we love it for breakfast too!

Christine’s toffee crunch our new favorite. Rich chocolate cake topped with silky caramel mascarpone frosting then studded with delectable Christine’s Dark Chocolate Toffee. If you want to spoil yourself, try this. It is full-on amazing.

chocolate-espresso truffle one of our best-sellers! rich chocolate-espresso cake, with a hand-made chocolate ganache truffle inside, then topped with an amazing mocha mascarpone frosting. This is a SERIOUS cupcake **Best of Show Winner of Crave Brothers Cheese 2010 Recipe Contest

s'mores a chocolate chip graham cake topped with silky chocolate ganache and adorned with a fresh, house-made, hand toasted marshmallow. Super-awesome when heated in the microwave for a few seconds

red velvet pomegranate our beloved red velvet cake is infused with a pomegranate juice reduction, then topped with our famous cream cheese frosting.

chocolate sea-salted caramel our amazing dark chocolate cake, filled with freshly-made buttery sea-salted caramel, topped with chocolate ganache. Your taste buds will dance!

white russian smooth white cake with a hint of kahlua, cream and Madison’s own Yahara Bay vodka, topped with a light kahlua-kissed whipped cream and chocolate shavings. incredible

flourless (gluten-free) chocolate if ONLY all foods that were specific to a food issue were so amazingly good. Sure, this is gluten-free, but not because it’s made with alternative ingredients. It’s simply a velvety, rich, INTENSELY chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache. Sinful is the word

funky monkey fresh banana cake. peanut butter mousse. chocolate ganache. topped with a banana chip, your tastebuds will be in shock!

lemon with raspberry mousse delicious light, lemony cake with a burst of raspberry filling inside, crowned with vanilla cream cheese frosting

carrot cake eating your veggies never tasted so good! rich, super-moist and flavorful carrot cake topped with the only real option: our soon-to-be-famous cream cheese frosting

cookie dough scrumptious yellow cake with a gooey Capital City Cookies cookie-dough center topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting

triple-chocolate decadence cookie dough chocolate cake with a gooey triple-chocolate cookie dough center topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting

peanut-butter cup cookie dough chocolate with gooey peanut butter cookie dough inside topped with our famous cream cheese

Oreo cookie we put an entire Oreo Doublestuff cookie in the middle of a decadent chocolate cupcake, top it with vanilla cream cheese frosting and a teeny-tiny Oreo on top!

mint Oreo cookie we put an entire minty Oreo Doublestuff cookie in the middle of a decadent chocolate cupcake, top it with vanilla cream cheese frosting and an adorable mini Oreo on top!

cocoa calienté rich chocolate cake with a KICK! if you’re feeling adventurous, give this one a try – it’s gggoooooooooddddd


❍ yellow ❍ chocolate ❍ marble ❍ red velvet ❍ pumpkin ❍ you name it
not your everyday, plain-jane cupcakes! dense and moist, prepared with only the finest ingredients and love. top with our famous cream cheese frosting or ganache. so many options...call or email for details!


❍ french toast with bacon a delightful French toast muffin, filled with real maple syrup & topped with crisp, savory bacon. mmmmmm bacon.

❍ banana pecan chock-full of banana flavor and toasted pecans. So moist and fresh it doesn't need butter!

❍ fresh fruit muffins fresh and bright – bursting with fresh seasonal flavors.

❍ pumpkin-cheese ridiculously good with a cream cheese filling and topped with pecan streusel. A favorite.

❍ name your flavor we make good muffins. Not crumbly, dry, muffins like you find elsewhere. What's YOUR favorite flavor?


❍ cupcake bouquet 6 cupcakes, any flavors, packaged in an adorable planter and packaged in a sturdy gift box $29

❍ giant cupcake a great big cupcake that serves 8-10 available in any of our ultra-decadent flavors, with a base made of chocolate, nearly any color you choose. Lots and lots of decorating options - let's talk! Giant cupcakes start at $30

❍ cake pops sold individually at the shop in varied flavors, or order yours custom-decorated for your event. The sky is the limit, decoration-wise, so let's talk!

❍ cupcake cakes and cakes with so many options and variables, let's talk more so we can determine what size and style works best for the occasion!



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